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Web Hosting
Dedicated and shared website hosting in USA

For a website owner the decision of where and how to host the website can be a difficult one. The main problems are related to loss of control of your domains, and the quality of hosting and service that you might receive. There is also the issue of cost.

Here is what we guarantee
  • Your domains can be moved to any other provider or hosting company at any time, at no cost. Unlike many of the major hosting companies, we do not try to make it impossible for you to move to another company. We make it easy!
  • Our hosting servers are high quality, with minimal or no downtime, fast and responsive. We are also fully equipped in terms of tools and facilities and can offer secure servers, databases, programming languages such as php and perl and probably anything else you are ever likely to need. # With us, you can have more than one user account.
  • You can reach us by email at any time or by phone during working hours to sort out any problems you might have. (We'll even give you assistance if you get caught with a tricky programming problem)
Our hosting packages include:
  • Webmail/pop/imap and / or email forwarding (unlimited)
  • Primary and secondary DNS
  • Primary and backup email servers
  • Up to 5 gig bandwidth per month (more if required)
  • Up to 500 meg web space (more if required)
  • or Linux
  • MySql
  • PHP
  • Webmin/Usermin or Ensim control panels
  • Full graphical website statistics
  • Telephone and email support
Compumax Web Hosting
While many companies place 300-500 websites on a single webserver, with us the ratio for shared virtual hosting will be between 40 - 70, and very often much better, meaning that our servers stay fast and responsive, even during extremes of traffic. We can also offer dedicated servers for our customers should that requirement arise.

Beware the pretend hosting companies who only resell for the large national hosting companies, where they have little control over DNS and email management, or on the intricacies of complex server applications.

With Web Integrations, we can manage your sites completely, on our own servers where we have full ownership of all aspects of the web design, web development and web hosting process. A great deal of management is in the price but if you need lots of updates and changes let's talk about it.

Our servers are also monitored every few minutes to ensure constant uptime. Our servers are fast. We give you masses of bandwidth. We give you lots and lots of webspace, and we give you lots of additional services too, like full graphical site statistics, very powerful control panel, webmail, pop email and/or mail forwarding, spam protection and virus checking. We even offer Front Page extensions! We also offer you a standard of support that you will not find available from any of the major hosting companies, at any price.

If you already have a website built by another company but are unhappy with how much you have to pay or the level of support you receive, you can easily move your website to our servers. We'll do that for you in a jiffy, even if your website uses databases, streaming or any other unusual service.

Freedom of Choice
Unlike some other companies that put obstacles in their customers' way, we believe in freedom of choice. If you want to move to us because we are better and cheaper, we make that easy for you.
Ease of Movement
Some companies attempt to tie their customers in with expensive get-out clauses. They offer you a 'free' domain name, then charge you a hundred pounds to move it. Or they simply don't answer your emails when you want to move. With us, you are free to go at any time. And what's more if you're up to date with your payments, we'll even help you because you are still our customer.
Ongoing Promotion
If you move your site to us, we won't rub our hands in glee, take your money and say 'thanks very much'. We'll take over the promotion of your website, ensuring that you at last get a decent search engine ranking. We'll make sure that your email works. We'll advise you if there is anything on your site that is causing search engine difficulties and we will fix it for you! Over the longer term, we'll manage your (paid) advertising campaigns.
Service Excellence
Don't put up with poor service and high prices. Why should you? Many of our customers had bought very expensive, extremely low quality websites from national tele companies. When we ask them where their website is, they don't know, they have never been able to find it! Yet they've carried on paying month after month at extortionate rates because they thought they had no choice. We give you choices.

Some people are still attempting to host commercial or important websites on free hosts. Be wary of choosing this option. What sounds like an inexpensive solution, will actually prove very expensive in the long term, by virtue of the amount of business it costs you.

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