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  Content Management System
Comp-U-Max Content Management System enables you to update your web site as often as you like. Our Content Management System is also search engine-friendly and easy-to-use. Easily add, modify or delete web pages to your web site as and when you choose. All updates and amendments are immediately seen by your website visitors.

Comp-U-Max easy-to-use Content Management System enables you to add new web pages or amend the text and pictures on your web site in minutes.

Compumax cms
You can do all the work online
  • Use the online password-protected administration system to manage your site.
  • Easily add, amend or delete your information and images.
  • Update your web pages without any technical knowledge.
  • As easy to use as a word-processor, with familiar buttons.
  • Add pictures / URLs to link to other websites.
  • Add an instant contact form allowing visitors to request information.
Whatever your plans for the future you will be able to move forward seamlessly, extending your content and easily integrating new features to the CMS

This one-of-a-kind robust and powerful Content Management System allows you to add sections, articles and pages to your site with ease. Each article can contain multiple pages, which can have their display order shuffled. You can also edit and delete individual pages from each section using the integrated and feature-rich web-based page editor.
  • Quick and easy browser publishing
  • Scalable and adaptive
  • Grows as your company grows
  • Role based permissions
  • Privilege user system
  • Multilingual content possibilities
  • Archive old content instead of deleting it
  • No HTML coding experience required
  • Similar to using Microsoft word editing tools
  • Multimedia and image handling
  • Powerful file management
  • Integrated notification system
  • Workflow management
  • Publication ‘status’.
  • An integrated search engine for your site
  • Search engine-friendly pages.


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  Web Development
Website Development
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