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Business Systems

When we talk about business systems, we are referring to web-based software applications built to achieve business objectives. This includes intranets that help businesses manage documents and collaborate more effectively. It also includes systems that improve business processes like stock management, customer relationship management, and the product lifecycle.

What is business system?

A business system can do wonders for your business. In most cases, businesses come to Comp U Max knowing exactly where a business system can make an impact. This might be in the sales process where a CRM system can help procure more leads and sales. On the other hand, it may be in the management of documents where an Intranet or Document Management System can help version control, document security and knowledge management. If you're unsure how a business system can help you improve your business, our experienced Business Analysts can do this for you.

Compumax Business Systems
Integrating a business system into your business is a decision that you shouldn't take lightly. If it is not done properly it can turn into your worst nightmare, both financially and operationally. The key to ensuring a successful integration is to involve the end users from the beginning. By involving the end users, you will get buy-in and commitment as well as important information that will help in the design and development of the business system.

Business Systems with Comp U Max

The first question we generally look into is whether or not a business system is going to solve your problems or not. If we get past that question then we go out to market to see if there is something off-the-shelf that can satisfy your needs with a turn-key product. With business functions like accounting, document management and CRM, there are often turn-key solutions available; such as MYOB, Quicken, SugarCRM, Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft CRM. Comp U Max can help you with the integration of these off-the-shelf products and in the case of Sharepoint and MS CRM, we can customise these to your exact business processes.

If there is no off-the-shelf product that will meet your needs we put together a basic Proposal for the scoping, design and development of a custom, custom-built business system. You then have the option of contracting our services for the whole system or just the scoping and design phase. If you choose the latter, you can then take the Functional Specifications that we provide, and get other development companies to quote for the development.

With both the integration and custom-built options, you can rest assured that the business system you end up with will fit your needs and be well supported. What is Custom Business Systems?

When we talk about custom business systems we are referring to custom-built, web-based software applications that achieve a specific business function. These business functions are varied but they are all unique enough for there to be no adequate off-the-shelf or turn-key solution on the market.

A custom business system can help in the transition of your business from a very small operator to a medium sized business. They can increase productivity and remove unwanted errors and mistakes that occur when processes and procedures are poorly defined.

Comp U Max has built up a very large portfolio of custom-built, business systems. The types of systems we've built in the past include:
  • Stock management systems
  • Document management systems
  • PDA-based property management systems
  • Product lifecycle systems
  • Plant and hire management systems
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems


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